My tears

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My tears ….. A river.
There’s nothing I want more
than lying with you without having doubts…..
Closing our eyes without having to watch out
because you know you have me, and I have you
Have to let it go…………..
How many times I cried….
How many times I screamed your name out loud
wishing you just stepped out the room
that you are next door.
How many times my heart bumps in my chest
just by hearing your name
You think I want to live without you??
No Idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? I don’t…..
You are like the water I need to live.
Just trying to be strong
because I want you to find me alive
when you come home……

2 thoughts on “My tears”

  1. This poem is straight from the heart so it seems, and it is a good poem!! Continue to stay strong, for Love is a constant battle that we all have to deal with:)
    I want to thank you for sharing your emotions with us=) And keep up the good work on writing!!!
    Take care of yourself

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