Never hurt again

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I think of every lie you’ve said,
as it wonders in and out my head.
You lied, you cheated, every memory I’ve deleted.
I thought what we had was really true.
Since that mistake, we’re nearly through.
I wonder about it everyday,
but there are no words I can say.
To explain the pain I feel inside,
from neglect and every lie.
I gave you my heart, I gave you my soul.
I gave you every emotion I can’t control.
And with your mistake, it’s just another heartbreak.
You hurt me once, you hurt me twice.
Im so caught up in all your lies.
Never again, never again.
Because of you, things had to end.
Hurt, used, neglected, betrayed.
I need a new hope to be made.
I have had feelings I’ve never felt.
But now, because of you, I have dealt.
The damage you have done, I hope was fun.
The hurt that you caused me, resulted in plenty misery.
The only truth you ever told, was that I was something to let go.

8 thoughts on “Never hurt again”

  1. hello, my name is sophie, i really love your poem :) did you write it yourself? would you email me? and did the poem really happen in your life? cause right now it is happening to mine, well it is in the process.. but i really want to talk to you a little :) so if you feel comfterable, would you email me? thanks :)

  2. Hi…your poem is sophisticated,,i really love it..could you please email me some poems? please God bless

  3. This is a very touching poem, I want to thank you for sharing it!! I\’m so very sorry about your heartbreak, I am also glad you knew when it was time to move on:) You have an excellent talent, and I hope you don\’t let it go to waste. You take care:)

  4. ‘I gave you my heart, I gave you my soul. I gave you every emotion I can’t control’ . These two lines are so touching and I am sure any true lover would feel the same as I am feeling now. Love is one beautiful thing that change nothing to everything but I really don’t understand nowadays people take love as any other thing and hardly they are serious to anyone. But still there are people like YOU who deserves a second chance and I wish this would be a success :) Don’t think life has stopped just because someone broke you heart. Put a comma(,) n continue to live your life with full gist :)

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