Funny Best Friend

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As pretty as a rose
as sweet as honey
reminds me of a
clown so funny
cheers me up
when Im sad
calms me down
when Im mad
I will never have a
better best friend
we’ll be together
until the end
and when Im
cold and lonely
who cheers me up
the one and only
my best friend

25 thoughts on “Funny Best Friend”

  1. Aleisha Your poem was really cool. It was so cool
    Im gonna say it at my school
    From: you Dnt Need 2 knw
    It's a tribute 2 say it thx
    and it's not a real email address

  2. I think your poem is awesome. My best friend Emily is what this poem reminds me of. I hope you will write me back because i would like to get to know you and be your really good friend so if you would write me back yours truly amanda

  3. This is an awsome poem it realetes to me n my best friend in heaps of ways …. you shuld rite sum more its heaps kewl 1 of the best on here i think

  4. people whats your problem it aint like these people
    are going out publishing their poems
    in books
    i liked the peom i think it was great
    good on ya ;)

  5. Duh there poems we should be able to post a comment anyways that’s the whole point of this thing and if you have a problem then that’s nobodys fault but yours so keep to yourself

  6. Lauren and Eve were extremely rude about this poem. If they didn't like it, they should have given you some advice.
    I think your poem was great and cute. I'm ot sure about your age, but it was a little immature, of course I'm probably older. It was a really cute poem, and it really could make it into publishing because I was in 3rd and made a super retarded poem and it got published long ago. ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE! Kepp writing. I read and awesome poem today about an author comparing her poetry to sugar. You would have to read it to understand it. But basically the theme of the poem was to write for yourself and not care what others think. Write because you want to.

  7. That was so good and yall hater just should go
    away if you do not like it than y you reading it and
    u probably cannot do no better and girl your poem was
    so good it reminds me of my BFFs Diamond Valisa
    Alisa Raven and Bianca :))

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