Still Circling

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I still miss you
I still miss your quotes
I am still hoping that you will reach out to me
I still wish that you will make way to talk to me…
and I still… like you…
I know it is impossible because I know, you don’t care. Isn’t it?
I hope, I could let go completely and stop this emotional circle,
because I know, whatever I felt towards you would never be reciprocated….

One thought on “Still Circling”

  1. Of all poems shared by you this poem touched by heart because I am going through the same phase … Every-time I tried to contact my girl I got only hatred feeling from her … I know how hard it is but I am trying to learn from it … but I know very well even though I won’t try to contact her anymore she would always remains special for me … thanks a lot for sharing it I felt myself in your poem..

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