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How many days
Do we each have
To walk upon this Earth
The only thing
For sure is Death
From the moment of our birth

This one question
And others still
They plague us all it seems
They’ve shown up in
Near every culture
They slip into our dreams

From early on
We feel something
Inside we can’t explain
And we search to find
Our purpose here
As we feel all that life brings

Just a little something
Always there
We can’t quite figure out
What it is we’re
Searching for
What our life is all about

So we take a path
Into the World
We go in our own way
Some will leave
Our place of birth
And others yet will stay

We watch the World
Around us change
As we recall yesterday
We reminisce
For things we lost
Somewhere along the way

Yet still we laugh
And still we love
And hold hope in our heart
That we’ve touched
Someone’s life
And played a special part

Perhaps we hope
Somehow we can
Survive our own mortality
By touching those
With whom we’re close
Long after we’re history

To be recalled
With misty eyes
In someone’s mind one day
To help them through
Some troubled time
That life has brought their way

No greater thing
Could be achieved
Than to help someone
Some memory stored
Then taken out
Long after we are gone

And still we strive
To find the thing
That inside tugs our soul
As we see the face
In the morning mirror
Slowly growing old

What is our life
To be all about
What is our purpose here
What is the thing
We are searching for
The answer’s never clear

We spend our time
In a waking dream
As we wonder through our life
We rejoice in good
We cry in bad
Throughout the joys and strife

And many times
With a troubled heart
As we try to think it right
We’ve sat alone
In a darkened room
In the stillness of the night

Attempting to make
Some sense of life
To put things in their place
To find some kind
Of inner peace
As tears roll down our face

Oh, what is this
That tugs as us
What is it that we feel
Is it destiny
That calls our name
Or is it even real

And all the thoughts
Fill us inside
As they race through our mind
But some force there
Keeps us going forward
With something yet to find

Then morning comes
And at first light
Yet another day begins
And so we rise
To face the day
But the longing never ends

We have special moments
From time to time
We each have hopes and fears
Then as we blink
We discover that
Days have turned into years

We’ve lived our lives
Being all caught up
In just getting through each day
That something we
Were searching for
Got lost along the way

Then quite at once
The face we see
In the mirror says we’re old
That yearning which
We once knew well
Comes back a thousand fold

As we look back
And see our years
And all the things we’ve done
We know the joy
And feel the pain
Of knowing our race is run

In our offspring
We took delight
As we’ve watched them grow
And make the same
Discoveries we’d
Forgotten years ago

Did we ever find
That something deep
That called out to us so
I can not answer
For every one
But as for me I know

I know my life
Was for me to live
No special purpose ever there
The only design
Was of my own
To let someone know I cared

To find someone
In a troubled time
Who’s longing heart does yearn
To give something
Of my own heart
And expect nothing in return

To try to give
Some inner peace
To know they’ve got a friend
Who cares for them
And they’re not alone
Until the bitter end

Just to give
Some one a hug
Is the greatest gift to give
I believe that’s what
Our lives are for
And the reason why we live

‘Cause nothing else
Says we were here
When all is said and done
Like the lives we touch
And the warmth we give
To our Daughters and our Sons

All else we do
It matters not
After our days come to end
It is swept off on
The wings of time
As the dust blows in the wind

So give of yourselves
Give the warmth inside
To someone that you see
When they need it most
Lend a caring hand
And quietly think of me

You’ll never know
Who’s life you’ll touch
If you never even dare
To freely give
To someone in need
And tell them that you care

For me that’s what
My life’s about
No finer thing to do
Than to be the friend
I’d like to have
So I give this now to you

So when it’s your time
To sit alone
In the stillness of the night
Please know that you
Are not alone
And things will be all right

This is the gift
I give to you
It’s all I have to give
A piece of me
To take with you
As through your days you live

I hope that it’s
Enough to help you
Through some troubled time
To know that someone
Out there cared
And it gives you peace of mind

Then pass it on
To someone else
Who’s hurting deep inside
Just give a quiet
Spoken word
Long after I have died

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