Love is Lonely

You Had My Love from Hello

You Had My Love from Hello
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Every time you talk to me I don’t no wut to say
bcuz every thing you say to me takes my breath away
I cannot express my feelings bcuz you have stolen all my heart
the thought of us not together tears my world apart
when Im with you its almost more than I can take
it feels like Im dreaming .. and I never want to wake
I never want to lose you I always want you there
always there to lean on always there to care
“forever and for always” you will have my love
but “forever and for always” just isn’t long enough
so keep it for eternity or for just another day
but no matter how long you want it my love is here to stay
so every time I have to leave and give you one more kiss
think about the words I’ve said and please remember this
…as time goes on together I no our love will grow…
…by the way I never really told you, but “you had my love from hello”…