Love is Lonely

Purpose of Being

Purpose of Being
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Please tell me that the world is beautiful
Full of wonders I can adore
Green leaves, clean air, clear water and so much more
Please tell me I was made by
His image
He is everywhere, to protect the weak
And to guide me in times of my great trouble
Please tell me to respect and help thy neighbors
Abide the law and to be truthful
Every single day I learn the value as I go to school
Please tell me to value my best friends
Be honest and loyal in every way
Indeed, we had fun and unforgettable memories
Please tell me to take care of my family
As they take care, love, and mold me as of today
I feel bless to have them, for that I can say
Please tell me to love my wife and kids
Dedicate my life, my heart and my everything
To be loyal with her and enjoy the simplicity of living
Please tell me is this the truth…
Please tell me, I beg of you…
Please tell me that I understand…
Please tell me what is the purpose of my being?