A black hole with a cover of a heart

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Im not a poet
Im not a writer
But my feelings are just like any others
But theres no one to hear them
Only this electronic pad that will remember my scars
Ones that cant be healed in just whichever way
Only with change, love, and the truth
Those three things have never existed fully
Only 3 years and 2 months have passed and my heart is no longer there
That empty space has been taken by pain, doubts & tears with fears
I dont think there will ever be or exist someone who will truly care
For he no longer cares whether were happy or not
And His actions have changed a lot
Hes not the same and it looks like he doesnt plan to be
My heart in 1000 pieces has fallen apart
Its just that thats something he cant see

2 thoughts on “A black hole with a cover of a heart”

  1. I can understand how it feels when someone close to us leave us all alone … but we should try to help our-self … Do you know who can give extreme love to us ? It’s our own soul …. love yourself and see the change … I know it’s difficult to overcome someone so easily … but why not give it a try and live your more peacefully … Who knows your love could come back again … but try to love yourself and Live your life to the fullest … And need to tell this you can actually be a good poet :) … Keep Writing and sharing :)

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