Sky writing

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With his finger

Pointing high

He drew the letters

In the sky:

A   –   L   –     O    –     N    –     E

he whispered

As he traced

each letter


he held out his arms

and looked down at his feet

and dreamt of a world

where he longed to retreat


the wind was cold

and his fingers numb

he stood there and waited

for the darkness to come


but this time it didn’t

as he looked back up to see

someone had added

an           N   –     O    –     T


that’s when he saw her

standing over there

not far away

with her finger in the air



a tear fell down

his ice cold cheek

as the girl walked closer

and began to speak


“look up” she said

“and read that through”

And they stood there together

Staring up at the blue

N   –   O   –  T              A  –   L   –   O   –   N   –    E

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