To the Waves

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You stand on one beach,

I stand on another

And we whisper to the waves.

The winds wash my messages to your shore.


You’re so far away

But I still hear your words.

Even distance can’t compete with this love.


I sit in the sand late at night,

Waiting for your reply;

Waiting for the tides to come in.


When a new message comes,

I feel it in the breeze.

My whole world still aches for you.


Your new life seems exciting,

The waves remind me often.

You haven’t yet asked about mine.


The tides are getting slower,

They aren’t talking much anymore,

Maybe you’re just busy.


It’s been months now,

I’m still waiting.


Now I talk to the ocean,

But the waves crash upon my words,

And the tides bring them right back to me.


Maybe they’re telling me to move on,

Or that you already have.


I have no one,

All I have is the blue.

And now I’m reading this poem to the waves.

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