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I would stand by the ocean for hours.

Seeing your face in the sea.

The sand castles crumble, as the waves pound against them.

And I see your face once again.

Hands in my pockets, head to the ground.

I’m leaving marks in the sand.

Beauty surrounds me, as if you were near.

The waves like your hair,

The sun like your eyes,

The sand, as soft as your lips.


You left me with nothing.

Nothing but the ocean,

And the vision of us by the sea.

My heart’s like those sand castles;

Gradually wearing away,

And there’s nothing to hold back the waves.


I’m getting closer,

And you are coming back to me.

Every step towards the blue,

is a step closer to you.

I see you, as if you were here,

You’re not far away.

I can feel your cool skin,

As the cold wraps round my legs.

I can feel your hands again,

As mine glide through the water.

I can hear you calling to me.

I am coming.

It’s getting higher,

And I’m getting deeper,

But I am not afraid.

Soon I’ll be with you.

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