Sea Of Stones

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Into the blue she tossed a stone

And watched it as it sank.

Helplessly the stone descended

Without a sign of struggle.


Engulfed by the deep

The small stone quickly faded.

And was to be forgotten,

Within a matter of her time.


All day she sat

And tossed small stones.

One by one,

They sank just as the first had done.


As evening came there she still sat

On the edge of the rock, tossing stones.

So many had passed her,

Sitting on the rock,

But no one saw her plea.


Through the stones

She cried for help,

As she tossed them out to sea.

Every one, a reminder of herself,

Helpless and drowning alone.


When everyone had left,

She stood tall one last time.

No more stones were left to throw,

Only herself remained.

And she didn’t shed a tear

As she tossed herself into the blue.


Now she lies with those sunken stones,

Unable to ever be retrieved.

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