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is all I feel any more,
my whole body intensely sore,
I toss and turn in my sleep,
trying to clean cuts so deep,
every dream I walk to the cliff and leap.

Ravages my very being,
nothing left worth seeing,
the emptiness still thrashes at my soul,
for her my heart once burned like coal,
now my tears overflow any bowl.

Is all I am,
waiting to be slaughtered like the lamb,
around my neck is the noose,
checked twice so not to be loose,
and end life that is so maleficent,
to be with her who is so magnificent.

One thought on “AAA”

  1. Life becomes so depressed and everything just seems worthless when we don’t have that special person with us, whom we once thought they are our world, have left us all alone, left us in intense pain and sorrow. But everybody has to leave this world sooner or later. Sometimes the loneliness can cherished with the beautiful memories we had with that special person. Life is a show which must go on. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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