The Darkness by Osiris

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The darkness surrounds me,
almost comforting me,
as I sit and get used to the emptiness that swells inside,
I begin to realize how alone I am.

the darkness is my only friend,
always there always embracing me.
I fight it but it only make me want it more,
the more I wish I could see the blacker it gets.
no thought any more fits,
the insanity of the night creeps,
and from my chest my blackness seeps.
I walk hoping this is just a tunnel,
that the further I walk itll be a funnel,
eventually leading me to the light.

I fall to my knees and pull my hair,
the endless night is not fair.
all my seams begin to tear,
and my dreams begin to blow away.

the tears build in my eyes,
a drop falls to the ground,
and flickers a bit of light.
I look up to see a sliver of hope rising,

the immaculate blue light drenches my face like water,
and the moon rises to the sky.
the brightness seems to good to be true,
the hope once lost begins to reform,
my mind an emotional storm,
begins to ease,
I begin to stand and feel the breeze,

I spread my arms wide and embrace the light,
I than realize i have not lost my sight.

The moon my savior,
Leads me to a new life,
away from all the strife,
She is the reason for my smile.

The moon my hope and reason,
My life and my path.

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  1. Hey, I love your poem, I was going to use it for an English project where we find examples of poems and was wondering if you could tell me the title? thanks!

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