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She is a warrior of her on accord.
She goes  for the kill
She has never lost a battle
Not once!

She is skillful at being manipulative.
She does not choose her war; they  choose her. They draw her in … Curiosity… Killed d cat. They do forget this.

She wastes no time marching on her prey;
Her charm ! So irresistible – hypnotizing if I may say
You can call her the ‘dark queen’ if you wish

She steals hearts . She breaks hearts…She quenches her thirst on their pains.
Nope ! Not what you think! she ain’t a vampire.

Guess everyone has got their bad day; a Day such as this!
Our dark queen
Out to war she went
with certainty of bringing home the spoil…

What became of our charming queen
No one can tell
Maybe be by tomorrow
She’ll come back home.

2 thoughts on “Gamer”

  1. You are really blessed with good creativity, that’s the reason which made you to come up with such great writings. I felt like how can someone love a girl so much and ready to wait forever. I know still true love exists and very few people like you even now try to express this in form of poems. But some people never understand what love is and they just never try to value it and we true lovers ultimately get is pain and some memories to cherish. I really liked your poem and hope to read more poems in coming days.

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