When I Needed You…

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Lost and lonely
Wandered far away from the happy place
No place of solace
Non to comfort me on such a dark day as this

You are the reason for my misery
The reason I shed these many tears
My eyes are weary
No one to dry these tears

Flow! Flow!
Till there is no more to shed
Maybe it is the only cure I need to wash away this hurtful memories that hunt me night and day.

Slowly, down the hill
Beneath, deeper still
Can’t stop now
not when the wheels won’t slow down.

Drenched in the rain
Can’t stop the pain
Chest locks tight
This still dark night

Lonely and burned
I needed you to pull me out
Save me from me I moaned
but, my cries were empty and far out.

You were so oblivious to my call for help
You didn’t see me drowning
You didn’t see my tears Even the moon hid in fear

If you had Pause awhile,
Looked deep within,
Let your heart
Hear my heart speak

You would have
Heard the Whisper of loved one forlorn
Longing for a touch from one held dear.

One thought on “When I Needed You…”

  1. I completely agree with one of your lines which were actually painful too. Crying- the only cure to wash away all those hurtful memories which we once had with our so called love. But, later on we came to realize that it is really worthless to cry for someone who never valued it. Never too late, everything happens for a reason and that reason is always great and something that happens only for our well-being.

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