The End

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I wish my whole life away
Everything’s so dull and grey
The pain is unheard of
The emptiness of no love
The shattering of loneliness
The crashing of sadness
It all comes to an end
The day I can no longer bend
And put a gun to my head
Pull the trigger and end up on my bed
Everything’s be said
Nothing can mend
So to go my soul I will send

One thought on “The End”

  1. If everybody starts pulling the trigger when life puts them in tough situation then I think only half of the world would have existed today. No matter how bad life treats us if all depends on the determination to handle it with patience and good presence of mind. Every second person we meet would have some or the other problem in their life so we can’t say only I am the one who is facing all the troubles and pains. There is one good quote which says “When life puts you in tough situation… Don’t say “Why Me :(” Just say “Try Me :)”…

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