Love is Lonely

Does Anyone See Him?

Does Anyone See Him?
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does no one see him?
does no one notice him sitting alone?
or ever wonder why hes not socially grown?
of course not.
why would any one notice or care?
that hes beaten and bare,
its not like any one else matters.
cause every one else is just a splatter,
to them if its not hot and its not them then its nothing.
its pretty sad when no one cares about any one but themselves.
they act like itll kill them to believe in something,
or to show something other than hate,
to the ones that sit around,
with their hearts broke and their heads down.
the reason they cant look at them,
or wish they would just go and die all alone,
is because they are them.
they took all their pain and suffering and stored it all away,
took what was left and made a mask.
so now they judge any one who is gay,
instead of taken a swig from their flask,
the flask of pride,
and admitting that they could only wish to be that happy.
they are just trapped in their own mind,
walking the world blind,
walking a fine line,