Why live when we can die? Why die when we can live?

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Life is that of death its self,
the irony is the reason for the confusion so many feel.
death in many form is just a suffering to an end,
but life is a suffering of its own kind.
that is reality which you cannot bend,
so I stumble through life blind.

but let me enlighten you,
the sky is blue,
the trees green,
so its like looking at an HD screen.
life has its beauties,
as does the thing we all fear called death.

never forget where we came from,
and where we are headed.
for if we lose sight of the past and future,
we have lost the reason to live now.
so I’m going to hit the ground running,
live life like I’m stunning.
put on the mask of confidence,
never forget my own decadence.

for I am who I was meant to be,
so I shall fight and never flee.
because no one else will ever see,
that I am me.

my story is that of one who has survived.
that of one survives,
so take my hand and we’ll fly,
in to the sky so high,
and never have a reason to cry.

So this poem is inspired by my new "hobby" I guess you could call. I recently started freestyling. so i try almost a new writing technique and see how it goes.

One thought on “Why live when we can die? Why die when we can live?”

  1. More or less for me the poem was like an Inspiration for me. It was a good mix of rhyme with a touch of inspirational words and I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and continuously a question was beaming in my mind. For what purpose we came to existence? What is our purpose to live and like mentioned in the poem and the question which many of us wanted to ask what happens when our life ends when we leave this body where does this soul would go. But one thing is very clear that every one of us has a purpose to live this life and we need to live it whole-heartedly with the attitude of great gratitude. Rather than living life with regrets it’s better to forget and move on to explore this amazing life in this only planet where lives exist. :)

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