A Letter To A Father….

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Pardon me,
if I could get a minute or two,
I know you don’t know me,
but I have some things to ask you,

How do you survive so heartless?
What’s your secret, and what’s your plan?
Is it walking away?
Because I heard that you ran,

How do you turn a blind eye,
and accept that your hollow?
You can bite the bullet,
but it’s harder to swallow,

Have you ever been regretful?
or even reflective?
because a father without a son,
sounds a bit defective.

23 thoughts on “A Letter To A Father….”

  1. This was very sad,i really don’t know the pain that you are going through but i can only imagine,i have a father whom i know would do anything for me,he’d walk through the fire for me o give up his life if he had to,but i lost my mother 10 years ago,she died when i was only 9,it’s hard living with 1 parent,i can just imagine the ;pain of living without a parent when she is still alive.m sori guys

  2. I have to say I know your pain… My dad was the same,
    of course as his daughter,
    Very well chosen words for this type of poem, and I
    Applaud you!

  3. This poem really tugs at my heart strings, it really
    represents exactly what my sons father did to him! I
    don't think any man who cannot be a dad even
    really deserves a child so precious and special as
    the one I’ve. The way I see it these children
    are better off anyway, as a mom we will
    provide our children with all the love and
    nourishment they need to survive anyway!

  4. This is a good letter to the father's out here who just walk out of there son's life I'm facing the same issue right now with my son and it hurts

  5. i know how you feel exceot im a girl but the day i
    was born my dad left my mom he sed he
    didn’t want n/e more kids so I never got to meet
    him and the worst part is I have brothers and sister
    out there that I’ve never meet because I don’t
    know there names. So believe me I know where your
    coming from. i'm missing half of my family because
    of him I’ve family I will never know and it hurts
    especially because my whole life I’ve wanted to
    meet him . I don’t think a kid should grow up with out
    a father it's not right I hope thing turn out ok for you

  6. yeah man i kno how you feel…my dad ran out on my mom and he still manages to get by knowing that he left his two kids behind

  7. That poem if filled with such love and experiene. But I haven’t had an earthly father until two months ago. I've had a heavenly father all my life and so can you if you just receive him. Weaping may indure for a Night but Joys Gonna come in the Morning. May God the father bless and keep you for the rest of your days!!!!!!!!!

  8. it's a nice latter…and i agree… except am a gril..
    my dad left us
    because he didn't want to take the responsibity of
    my sister and brother and of course myself..i just
    hope he dosen't do the same to his daughtet he just
    had a couple of months ago.

  9. I kno how you feel, becuz my dad ran out of my
    moms and my life just when i was born!! The
    sad thing is that i still wonder who he is!!! I think
    that any dad that has a child would at least talk
    to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I thought your poem was really good, like many other kids my dad left my mom, me and my older sister when I was three Im now 17 and havent seen him since the day he walked out on us. I used to miss him but I’ve realized that my life is better without him im 17 in college and I have too jobs….and I owe all of my success to my mom who is also my best friend she raised all four of us kids by herself I like to think of her as a hero…I think its great that you can “vent” by writing just don’t let your anger get the best of you its not your dad who will help you achieve your dreams its all in you and it seems as if you have a great talent that will take you far in life!! Good luck……

  11. I can also relate to your poem becasue my dad was an asshole too
    I’ve grown into a very wonderful person
    Im now an 18 yr old stong female and I am very happy that I can to
    this site to read this clap on the keep speaking your words and good luck!!!!!!!

  12. I fell for you this year my dad sould me ot for money. It hurts, but what they do to you will come back to them in the end. Don't give up hope.

  13. OUCH!!!that brought a tear to my eye,
    i also cry and wonder why.
    My dad left me 3 years ago
    I WONDER what made him go
    thank you 4 the amazing poem you wrote
    if this was a competition ud have my vote
    im a 16 year old broken young lady
    he brought me up from a small baby
    just to dispose of me like a piece of trash
    maybe 4 the extra lump of cash
    if you want to talk im here 4 you
    and every1 else from the fatherless crew

  14. Wow this was a really touching story. My dad never ran out on me, but we don’t have a good relationship, which to me feels he ran out on me and pushing us apart. This was a great poem. Hard touching words!!!

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