Summer Love, Summer’s Up

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I don’t want to give you the wrong impression,

I’ve enjoyed your attention.

And I hope I’m not sounding too indifferent,

But let’s be realistic.


Lately you’ve been calling me “babe.”

Don’t you remember you’re already taken?

I know you’re tired of all the faking,

But I won’t be here much longer.


Your soldier will come home in no time,

a tragic heart set free.

So prepare yourself for your old life,

blow the softest kiss goodbye to me.

One thought on “Summer Love, Summer’s Up”

  1. It happens all the time, the love triangle between people. When we love someone they fail to understand our feelings for them and when they understand it becomes too late because the person might have been taken by someone else, but still the feelings and traces of love remains and the memories cannot be forgotten easily. The person must always consider the feelings of others before taking any decision in haste so that they will not regret it in future.

    It was a good read and I hope to see more of your poems in coming days. Thanks again for sharing.

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