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What’s the fate of you and I?

Of him

Or her

Don’t you ever wonder?

Wonder what it’s like to be this person or that person.

Wonder why they act the way they do?

Wonder about their whole life?

I wonder…

What’s the fate of every single person on this planet?

What can be said about these people…

Why so many of them don’t even care

Care about nothing, but themselves

Hypocrites that’s what I see

But so am I.

It’s easy to be so vile and spiteful because let’s face it,

It’s better that way.




2 thoughts on “Misfortune”

  1. We are all one, yet separate at the same time. Understanding comes from sharing common experiences and being able to relate to that person. But something that should always be remembered is that we are never fully aware of what someone is going through based on a glance.

    These are the thoughts that ran through my head as I read your poem. Great writing, I hope to see more!

  2. The world is filled with maximum hypocrite’s people, it’s not their fault, it’s just the way of showing emotions towards different people whom we have met or we come across in our life. But still there are people who have done and still doing loads of good things to the ones who are not blessed with so good fortune. Each one of us came to existence on this earth with some purpose, some understands it very early while some never understand and spend their life like any common man out there, like giving care a damn attitude. So, Yes I have to agree here, let’s face it and it’s actually better that way.

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