Love by Littlebelgianwriter

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Let me take you by the hand
On a journey through
Vast woods and winding roads
Endless reminiscing awaits

Leave me here by the fire
On a cold winter’s day
Very heart warming indeed

Life awaits after a loving dead
On the old tattered bed
Vast memories
Ever longing for love

One thought on “Love by Littlebelgianwriter”

  1. It seems you were or are in deep love with someone who is not with you anymore and you’re just trying to live with the beautiful memories once you had. Memories do play a vital role in our life which never allows us to forget someone very easily. Longing for her every second we spend. True to your words maybe a beautiful life is waiting but it doesn’t have to be after death, it can happen even now, starting the life afresh and trying to make each and every moment memorable. Let’s LIVE this beautiful life that we are blessed with.

    I loved your poem and I will be glad if I can read more of your lovely poems. Thanks again for sharing.

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