The Memory

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Eyes of the deepest vortex,
telling a story so complex,
never knowing what she might do next.
she has the looks to shame an angel,
make any one fall in love first glance,
and yet no one has a chance.
she shows what is not herself,
fooling every one even her best friend,
she hides her insecurity inside a wall of false courage.
she cant help but cry at night,
for her past fills her with fright,
holding her down and keeping her from flight.

she once saved a life,
five words with more meaning than a novel,
to another all alone she spoke them,

I know how you feel.

she found a companion,
so she smiled with truth,
she came to life,
no more strife.

and not to long after her friend,
she left the world,
not by choice,
by wrath.

3 thoughts on “The Memory”

  1. I really love this poem! You’ve taken many aspects that I can relate to and combined them into a beautiful work of art. The last stanza was a great ending. The way you worded such conflicting emotions really blended great together. I hope to see more from you soon. :)

  2. A good read even though the last lines made me feel sad. People do tend to have two faces and most of the times we only get to see the happy ones, but, the other one are almost never seen. Many of them just to try to keep the feelings inside them and hurt themselves, but they forget that if the pain is shared with their loved ones it can be easily evaded.

    And yes, you do write well as I have read all your poems and commented too. I enjoy reading your works as it is always different from each other, which I love it. :)

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