Into a Dream

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Awake I lay wishing I could dream
but sleep I cannot find.
in my dreams I find what I search for,
in my dreams what I seek is with in reach.
I stare at that which I desire,
and blue eyes stare back.
I extend my hand and she took it in hers,
as she stepped closer the more clearly I could see her,
till we were standing face to face.

My dream is but only a dream,
having no bearing on reality I slowly drifts away,
never to be real,
never to see the light of day.
every night my dream fades,
fades into the darkness,
into the nightmares.

Love is a fantasy.
a childs fairytale,
a hymn to sooth us and give us hope.
but truth is a double edged sword,
just as quickly as it cuts the sin from the world,
it’ll strike down the unsuspecting.

One thought on “Into a Dream”

  1. Dreams are really such a wonderful thing where even the things which seems to impossible, dreams make it real even though we are unconscious at that time and just trying to enjoy that pleasant moment. Sometimes we do have those unpleasant dreams but it quite natural and it’s very clear that life is mixture of both happiness and sadness. So we cannot expect happiness all the time and the person who learns this can be quite satisfied with his whole lot of life. Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem with us and I hope to read your other works. It’s really interesting. :)

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