Alone by SadEyes

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I’m not like you

I will never be what you want

I try and try

I can only sit here, alone

I just can’t be that perfect person

I wish I could be but I’m not

What could I do to make society love me?

How sad that I will always feel this way

How sad that I crave attention

From people that don’t even care about anyone

This world isn’t for me

I’m not you

I can’t be

Why do I care so much about what others think of me?

I hate it

Hate that I give a sh*t

I hate the feeling of being alone

All because I’m not you

3 thoughts on “Alone by SadEyes”

  1. Being alone is actually the good thing to know about you, where we can with talk ourselves, we can feel our own breathe, get to know the good and the bad thing about us. Sometimes it really hurts and asks us one question why we I am all alone? I care for everyone I make sure not to hurt anyone but why it’s always me who get hurt and always make us feel I am all alone and no one is there for me. I just want to say one thing, let the world think whatever they want to think, let the world talk whatever they want to talk it’s their life and who are we to care about them? Let’s try to love ourselves and live our life in our own terms and I am sure one day we will be blessed with the one who will understand us and accept us as what we are.

  2. WWWell, it seems to me that you love the other to such an extent that you are no longer able to see what your own capacities our. Through your poem, I am able to convey that you are losing yourself in your love for the other.
    And yet you are able to write such a wonderful poem about your most inner feeling.
    That is a true gift indeed. Would not it be time to start loving yourself for real? If you truly love yourself, your love for the other one, will only grow more profoundly and become more meaningful in the process.

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