3 Guys

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I know a guy, who’s sweet and funny.
He makes me laugh.
He lets me know he cares.
I know a guy, who makes stupid jokes.
He can make me laugh every second of my life.
I see him every Saturday.
Then there’s the other, who I’ve known for 9 years.
He listens to me and includes me.
He’s funny and clever.
He’s like a brother to me.
Can we ever be more?
I’m choosing among 3 guys.
All of which are great.
I’m drowning in the confusion,
Like tides lapping at my mind, whenever I make a choice the others appear.
Help me, I’ve lost myself.

4 thoughts on “3 Guys”

  1. That is easy to do, loose yourself that is=) I can only hope you chose the right guy, and if not any, then the time Will come later on in life where you will have your pick;)

  2. :) almost everyday you’ll meet different people with good and nice personalities some of them are famous, intelligent, rich and good looking… but it’s very difficult to find someone whom you could accept and bear their worst quality and in the same manner accepts you whoever you are and the you person will be… good luck gurl!

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