Asking for space, is just asking me to miss you.

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Life without you
Is like a song out of tune
A kid with the flu,
Or even a fork without a spoon.

It just sucks, okay!
Day after day
Hoping you’ll stay
While keeping out of the way.

I try to keep quiet
But that’s almost like hiding a giant
Impossible to keep private
Even if he was trying to be silent.

I feel kind of angry
And that’s not because i’m hungry
Maybe i’m just a little cranky
So I should say sorry ~

I have no right to be mad
All i can do is be sad
Only because i’ve been bad
I just have one last thing to add

It’s you that I miss.
Talking to you is simply bliss
Its better than a kiss
Without you i’m going to the abyss.

One thought on “Asking for space, is just asking me to miss you.”

  1. How things changes when we love someone so much that we forget to love ourselves. We try to live someone else life, all we want is that the person whom we love should be happy forever. But these things may create complications in others life. Some people actually don’t understand the value of love and they think we are not giving space to them but what they is only space, but frankly speaking even if my love would ask for space, it will be like she is asking me to miss her. I really thank you for sharing this beautiful poem!

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