Goodnight: Here’s some Affection

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I think i’m lucky that I’ve found you,
The closest thing to perfection.
Day by day my happiness grew,
So here’s a token of my affection.

Nothing but letters and words,
Coming deep from my heart.
Sure, I may not be playing it smart
Because, here and now –
we’re just at the start.

I say you’re my friend,
But I seem to be falling fast,
So, I can’t help but send,
Another question to be asked.

So dearest michelle,
Wont you take my hug?
So you’ll sleep well
As if under a spell?

One thought on “Goodnight: Here’s some Affection”

  1. It’s really a wonderful thing to have such a person who is caring and loving. Very rare to see true affection these days, people had started taking everything lightly to be precise people started taking everything for granted. But when people get closer then at some point of time they tend to realize each other’s emotions sooner or later. And those emotions can be a start for a loving relationship where the love is eternal.

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