Love is Lonely

Love Is not Happiness

Love Is not Happiness
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If life isn’t joy, what is it?
If life isn’t happiness, what is it?
You say love, while I say depression.
I’ve never seen love, so what is it?
People say it’s to have emotions for someone…deep, deep emotions.
Others say it’s to care for someone…to really care.
Truth is, you can’t define it.
You have to feel it, to know what it is.
When you feel love, you’re happy.
I’ve never felt it, so where’s my happiness?
My life can’t be happy, when I’m already depressed.
So love, you’re obviously not with me.
I describe love as a firey pit.
You fight to keep the fire going, but when you least expect it…gone.
You tried so hard, why?
Why did it burn out, you need it!
You need its warmth, its safety.
While this happens, you begin to think.
No, you don’t.
You don’t need that fire, you need yourself.
There, right there…that is where the secret remains.
Your firey pit is gone, you’re free!
Why worry? It’s gone.
My depression of love, gone.
Your soul, no longer holding me back.
You can define love, only in your way.
Love isn’t in a person, it’s in yourself.
To get happiness, you have to love who you are.
Love isn’t about the roses, or chocolates.
Love isn’t about the heart, or the soul of the holder.
Love is about finding yourself, within your heart…