Incomplete Forever…..

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it was a picture…
a picture which was my reason to live
that picture was a day of my life
that day, when you came to see me
it had so many pieces..
when they were joined together
it made that picture complete
like a bus stop, church, beach
bus stop, coin box, ice cream
journey by bus, finally my home
mom, dad, grandma, that beautiful night
it had a piece, a most precious one
when i had lunch with you
that moment was so precious
not only that..each and every moment
i never thought that you would share
such a moment with someone other
coz i have never allowed anyone
to share any same moment like the one
the one which i had with you..
i lost a piece of my picture
i lost a piece of my love
i lost a piece of my life
its now incomplete forever
coz i would never ever love to
remember that..

One thought on “Incomplete Forever…..”

  1. It’s really difficult to forget the beautiful phase of our life which we shared once with that someone special to our heart, the amazing memories which once shared will always remains close to our heart even though we tend to hide our feelings later in future when that someone leave us all alone which drastically put us in depression, but still people try to overcome it and try to put their best foot forward to live and let go the past, but not the memories it cannot be erased easily from our heart and that heart can’t take it when your place is taken by someone else. The silent tears; the sleepless nights and many unsaid truths that only a pure and loving heart can understand. After reading this post I could compare this post with the situation where a small toddler who cries for something which they want but can’t speak up; can’t ask for it. They just cry…

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