How Can I……?

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i dont know for how long
for how long i will live
a life without you…
i cant find anything that fills
the space which you left in my life
i had only a few moments with you together
but you cant even guess how much it means to me
sometimes all times i wish if again
in my life i get that day with you
i would never let you go without me
each time i remember that day i feel you
i feel you soo closer..
that time my heart beats faster
so faster that i could hear it in my ears
it brings a smile on my face
the very next second my eyes get wet
i feel a pain in my throat..
where have you left me alone..
how could you …..
how can i…?????

One thought on “How Can I……?”

  1. It’s so painful to see when someone close to our heart leave us and create a void in our life. To love someone and being loved by love is something different and after reading your poem I feel like how lucky that person is who you love so much, I can see the purity in your words as it conveys your feelings for him. I am glad you cherish the moments spend with him and still recall all the beautiful memories you both had together, this is the best thing about memories even if the person don’t stay with us, memories help us to keep the bond alive in our heart. I just hope and wish the best for your life which lies ahead…

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