It's true that I feel nothing but love

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The first time we kissed,
The first time we danced,
Since the first time we met,
I was lost in romance.
Everything about you,
I loved!
You were like an angel,
Sent from above!
So this is a little something,
To let you know it’s true,
I feel nothing but love,
And I want to marry you!

6 thoughts on “It's true that I feel nothing but love”

  1. Aww…that’s soo sweet do you really want to marry this girl? that’s a really sweet poem it makes me all happy inside!!

  2. Hey. omg i just read a couple of your poems and i really really like them.
    Can you please send me a couple of your best poems Please!!!

  3. So cute! Really simple but very powerful words. I like how you state that you love every moment with this person and have shared some moments

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