Gladly thankful

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It’s like me pouring out my heart to you

Saying a thousand words

Saying all my feelings for you

And telling you how I can’t let go

And you just give me these answers

It has no meaning

I shouldn’t feel this way

I don’t know what your meaning

Sometimes I feel no love from you

I just feel down

And sometimes I just want you around

It’s not me,

It’s my heart, It’s use to being incomplete

Shatter and broken

I guess that’s why it’s not used to you

So kind

So different

Nothing from the usual

Now I realize

I’m glad you’re mines .

2 thoughts on “Gladly thankful”

  1. Simple yet beautifully written to express your feelings for your love. :) I really enjoyed reading it. And I need to say not everybody is adorned with lovely people and you are one of those few lucky one to be blessed with. When people faces problem in their relationship they just try to ignore each other thinking it as a solution for the problem but what they don’t know is communication plays a vital role and it really helps to solve all the problem. Finally all I all wish is that your relationship should go well and get stronger in coming days. :)

  2. I love this poem! It is simple but yet so deep. I like how the poem talks about the persons struggle to accept that they love this person! I love how the poem also talks about how you get a different feeling that is incomparable to something you have felt with anyone else.

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