Looking for a Girl

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I look for a girl who sees me for me,
who when I’m sad wont let me be,
a girl who i she will cherish,
and her love will never perish,
a girl who will always forgive,
and with me she will always live.
I need a girl who will cling,
and when i need her to she will sing,
whether with her voice or with her touch,
she will comfort me and love me very much.
I wish for a girl i can tell anything,
A girl who will compliment me,
A girl who will brag about me,
a girl who will care for me.
I look for a girl who sees me for me,
who when i am sad wont let me be,
Cause i will do all the same for her.

2 thoughts on “Looking for a Girl”

  1. As I was reading your poem the first thing which came to mind was why this person is looking for a girl with so many good things and whether this person can be so good with the girl he is looking for but when I reached the climax I was like wow and I smiled, because the last line read ‘Cause I will do all the same for her’ :). That was so sweet and I think you will be blessed soon with the one with all these qualities as mentioned by you. And frankly speaking if you stand on your words… like you will do the same with her then no doubt you will be best couple around.:) Thanks for sharing your poem and I wish to read more poems in coming days.

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