The Universe

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A star in your smile; the cosmos entwined

In your hazel locks; a birth of a nebula

On your belly button; when I tickle your back,

A supernova, an explosion so bright, it can be seen

For millions upon millions of miles; a galaxy resting,

Dangling, dripping from your lips; star by star, sun by sun

They fall, like tears of fire and passion; this, my love, this

Is how I see you; you are the universe to me; you are the

Whole world, my whole world; everything that can or will ever be

Rests in the creases of your palms and on the lashes of your eyes.

Like a black hole, you suck me in, but instead of void, I find nothing

But love and love and endless, endless love. One day may you

Understand the depths of my love for you; like the blue flame of

A baby star, it will burn for billions and billions of years, and once

The last flame flickers, it will implode on itself, only making, once again,

Another black hole, filled with the ceaselessness of your love; undying,

Unending, unwavering; filled to the brim until it cannot hold it anymore

When, suddenly, it explodes, all of it, your love for all of the heavens of

Space to dip its insolent fingers into; insolent of your love, of you, but alas

It gets a taste of what I have come to know as you; my dearest, my preciousness,

My treasure, my passion, my all, my universe.

How I will live without your smile, or your hands, or the way

You say my name, and stare in awe of appreciation to me,

(something no one has done for me before) is a question that begs

An answer I cannot give. How can I live with no sun, no stars, no nebulae,

No world entire? All gone. A last kiss to foundation of my heart.

Everything you are to me, my love, is something I can only return

With the words on my lips, and the kisses I give to you.

Every kiss; a sun. Every embrace; a world. Every, “I love you;”

An explosion of time and space and love. Though, in fact, they

Are all the same to me. Just as every sunrise is really you telling me

To wake up, and how much you love me, just as every moonrise is you

Telling me how deeply you care, and to close my eyes, and dream about

You, as I do every night and every day, for whether I sleep or am awake,

When with you, it is nothing short of the best dream I could dream.

No other words can I say to you, no other meanings,

Or letters, or poems can express the vastness of my love, far

Outreaching the boundaries of an endless universe, far outlying the

Farthest points of eternity; I love you now, I love you at every sunrise

And sunset, I love you then, I love you in times when I cannot grasp the

Totality of my love for you for it is too much for any man, let alone myself

To grasp. With everything I am, I love you.

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