Be My Everything

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Just over a month ago
You brought me back to life
I erased my past and let it go
And forgot about all the strife
Just like an angel from heaven
You gave my life its meaning
And became a sun upon my days
And you lit my path and ways
You ignited again my feelings
And became the moon of my nights
And became the stars and their lights

Be the new year of my january
Be the warmth of my february
Be the spring of my mars
Be the peace of my wars

Months are named differently
Weather changes frequently

Be the easter of my april
Be my guarding angel
Be the summer of my june
Be the melody of my tune
Be the summer breeze of my july
Be the answer for my every why

Seasons change frequently
Holidays are treated differently

Be the adventure of my august
Be my dream as you promised
Be the automn of my september
Be the fallen leaves of my october
Be the rain of my november
Be the christmas of my december
Be the one I’ll never have to remember

Months change their names
Countless are their days
Weather changes our mood
Sun and clouds are viewed
Seasons change yearly
As we tend to grow nearly
Holidays are always celebrated

And so our love shall be tolerated
Never changing like names
Always growing through days
Stable unlike weather’s mood
Regularly sunny when viewed
Warm as summer during winter
Growing with us and always celebrated

I’ve loved
You in the last month
I’ll love you
Till no words come of my mouth.

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  1. Hey Hani after a long time I got to read your poem. :) And I swear this time too your writing skills are rocking. The way you addressed the 12 months. :) Can you tell me the secret of your writing ;). Your poems have that magic to make someone smile and yes sometime it brings tears too. After reading your last poem I felt like wow this is so good but after reading this one my mind is changed and I need to tell this is the best but I am pretty sure when you come up with next poem my thoughts will be changed again because that will be the excellent one.:) Thanks for sharing. :)

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