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Million voices muffle, slowly fade out.

You rid yourself of fear and doubt.

Crawling up to that dark place.

Red hot knuckles bruise your face.

Scarlet fluid spills on your shirt.

Drops of sweat wash off the dirt.

Animal instincts set in motion,

Seeing survival as the only notion.

Deafening thud – as carcass hits the ground.

You kneel, you hold his head still, you pound.

Emotions come rushing back.

Straight face remains, heart pitch black.

Opponent down, money earned.

Another victory, another lesson learned.

Sounds of police sirens are getting close.

Leaving the scene, you think of the life you chose.

Inspired by the motion picture "Only God Forgives". Tells a street fighter point of view on his work. Best read while listening to Tur Kue Kwam Fun (Music Box) - Proud.

One thought on “Fighter”

  1. Fighter :). This one word compelled me to read your poem and after reading it I was not disappointed but I was glad I got to read this beautiful poem with a touch of rhyme. Everything we come across or we do in our life teach us something and that could be either good or bad and which one to follow depends on us. I enjoyed reading your poem and sincerely wish to read more such poems. Thanks for sharing :)

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