Cheer Up

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Here’s a letter,
from me to you.
Things get better.
If you always remember,
not to be blue,
just push through.

Start with a laugh,
on my behalf.
Or a giggle will do,
maybe with a piece of fondue.

I write to cheer,
So, won’t you smile?
Even for a little while.
Just be sincere,
and everything will be clear.

I hope there’s a grin on your face,
please, anything will do – except a sigh,
Because it’s time for me to say, goodbye.

3 thoughts on “Cheer Up”

  1. Short yet so sweet poem it is, even before leaving you’re asking for a smile and guess what that made me smile too ;). And I need to say it’s really inspiring and little touching too :). I would love to read more of your poems. Thanks for sharing this :)

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