Your Notebook

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Moving away from any kind of rhymes
I’m just going to let the pen do its job
I’ll just going to let my hands write
Everything that I might feel towards you
With a great exhale I start to write
The idea of writing what sounds like a letter
Makes my hands move as if they were in air
Freely filling out this piece of paper
The pen has lost its weight as well
Nothing is left to feel but the blood
Moving from my heart to my brain
Ordering my hands to draw these words
Carefully delivering them I do with pleasure
Nothing to think about
Nothing to care about but you
I may sound contradicting myself
But what can I do?

I always had that feeling of being in control
That feeling of being strong and indestructible
It had always worked out in a way or another
I always controlled my drinking’s behavior
In addition to that addiction known as smoking
I always succeeded in directing my thoughts in or out
Right or left is what I could always manage to know
But out of nowhere I gave those days a rest in peace salute
Days and nights became the same void and empty
Right and wrong seemed to have the same outcomes
All I can control now is the time I talk to you
All I can feel now is being vulnerable and week
I used to run from drinks and cigarettes
Now I run to them to forget how I’m addicted to you
That nowhere I guess is called destiny
I’m not much of a believer
But that’s what brought you into my life

Music is a good thing to enjoy more often by people
But I guess this doesn’t apply to me anymore
The only music I can tell to enjoy is far from reality
All lyrics brings you to my thoughts without permission
So I always seek for what I can never understand
Every single movie I watch makes me think again and again
What if you and I were living that lovely story?
That appears to just broke my dam of tears
The same as writing these words lead me to
But the pen just keeps on rolling and rolling
This notebook never seems to be enough for my words
It can’t be a coincident that you bought me this notebook
Sometimes I feel like you meant to bring me such a gift
Maybe I’m wrong maybe I’m right again they seem the same

What a sarcasm to feel that whenever I seem to run from you
I can’t but finding that you’re the first person I run to
I’ll have to stop my pen on the idea that friendship is love’s alibi
I guess that the best words I’d ever written with courage
It sounds loud and clear and maybe bold in a way or another
But that’s reality you’re my friend and my best friend
Making things the worst they can sound to an ear but I love you
I’m tired to trying to change that fact but my love is out of my control..

3 thoughts on “Your Notebook”

  1. Once again you proved Hani that writing is the best way to let it out everything which could only be felt by each and everyone out there who have come across this beautiful phase in their life. You’ve got such an amazing writing style which actually makes someone to get into it and feel the things which you had been through. Lucky people are blessed with such charm to write and you’re one of those. Many thanks for sharing this :).

  2. Dear Prem,
    I’m so glad to read you comment, everytime I realise that there still few people who care about reading and not a simple scimming reading I mean people who really read and try to walk in writer’s shoe it make me feel so alive and encourages me to write more and express more with a tiny twist every here and there.
    Thank you again and again for your time you spent reading my poem and living it, and it’s always a pleasure to share my words with poeple like you :)

  3. Nice way to express yourself in the form of writing. You are a good poet and I admire the work you have submitted on this website!

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