More of that what I am

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More of that what I am
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I got so much of my own…

Can’t walk away from all i have known…

Darkness crawl under my skin, tripping on thrones…

Black birds circles over dusty broken bones…

Am running to see how i would do..!

Without you without how i used to do..!

Lightening strikes still the darkness prevails..

Over the grey trees as Sun fades..

So I hold myself when i see it come…

More of that what i am…

Dropping all except that i won’t ever lift..!

To take me down beyond these painful rifts..!

2 thoughts on “More of that what I am”

  1. Hey friend I always enjoy reading your poem. It’s always making me feel wow and this one is no exception :). I need to take some tips from you for rhyming things so beautifully ;). I know anyone can rhyme just for sake and it would look so fake… But yours is so true and with a touch of feelings in it :). Thanks a lot for sharing :)

    1. Thank you mate for your appreciation :) well the thing is I don’t know either how do I do it, it just happens really. :)

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