Love is Lonely

The thought never leaves.

The thought never leaves.
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I know how you feel about this.
You cross your arms and you don’t say a word.
I’m trying to stay calm.
The thought of me trying, it seems so absurd.

You’re changing and leaving,
Your mind is bleeding.
I don’t want to say but
I still want to stay.

I know how you feel about this.
You’ve made up your mind and you’ve won.
I’m fighting hard for this
But I’ve got a knife and you’ve got a gun.

You’re smoking and drinking.
You’re not even thinking.
I know what you are and
You’re not who you are

But I know how you feel about this.
I’ll go home alone and I’ll sit at my desk
And the blades will torture my skin
But I won’t feel a thing ’cause you cut me the best.

You’re so different and
You were innocent
But now you’re a stranger.
I won’t try to change her.

I know how you felt about that.
You always explained how you wouldn’t be the same
But I know that it’s who you are.
You’re not just a clone with a different name,

You’re an emerald unbroken,
You’re tough and well-spoken
And I know that you’re hidden
Beneath this peer-ridden
Girl who’s been bitten
By boys who won’t listen

And I know how you feel about that.