No one will love you as I do

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I need you,
I want you,
I cannot live without you.
As I sit by myself,
All I can do,
Is think about the days,
When I used to hold you.
What I would give,
To go back to those days
You mean the world to me
And I want you to stay.
I pray to God
To send you back to me.
Because no one will love you as I do.
You just wait and see.

6 thoughts on “No one will love you as I do”

  1. i loved this poem its how i feel about the man that one loved me and im not sure if he still does but. its how i feel!it was a great poem!

  2. You know it's called obsession you really don't
    think you can be a very sane person and talk
    like that and i know people that are madly in love
    and don;t talk like that don't you get it love is not
    real at all it's a figment of your imagination

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