I Will Make It Out

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I have walked through such many dark passage ways.
I have been through many cold days.
Somehow and someway, I have found the way out.
But going along the way, I have to shout.
Many pain and tears burn me down.
Fears and terror never made me a crown.
But even without that crown on me,
I still manage to find a way out with the key.
Even if the dark palace still encase me in,
I will still find that bright light deep within.
But effort and strength I would need,
To pass such a difficult pathway that’s before me.
Nothing will bring me down, I swear.
Still if I was to fall, I would bring myself up with care.

One thought on “I Will Make It Out”

  1. So inspiring :) … I have came across loads of hurdles in my life and I know I have many more ahead. But as you said one should find that bright light within and once that found anybody can achieve anything they had dreamt of. I would surely share this wonderful poem with my close knits … thank you so much for inspiring me with these beautiful rhymes :)

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