A Cold Hug

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I feel the breeze that turns to wind
And see the rain that turns to snow.
I feel the cold, walking alone,
Start to speed up to stop shivers,
With the songs I just wrote singing.

Stepping harder, becoming slow,
A thin white coat begins to show.
Of wife and daughter I then think,
Seeing their smiles for a bit

A few steps ahead, the coat’s grown.
I cannot run, I start to moan,
‘Till I see them in front of me

Running like never had been seen,
I spread my arms, embrace them whole

A last cold hug before I go.

3 thoughts on “A Cold Hug”

  1. The bonding of family is always special … The love which we share with them could not be matched or compared … it’s so pure and loyal where we only get love and care without any expectations … Felt so good after reading your poem … Thanks a lot for sharing it … hope to see more of loving poems :)

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