It hurt to face the truth

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If you only knew how I feel
If you only knew what I think
Every time I look at you
My heart just seems to shrink
You took your love away
Like it didnt hurt to say
That you didn’t love me anymore
And you wanted to get away
It’s like my life was over
And it hurt to face the truth
Why was this happening
What did I do
To make you change your feelings
Which were once so very deep
And looking back at the memories
I cannot help but weep.

9 thoughts on “It hurt to face the truth”

  1. Noel you are such a good poet. Every poem that I’ve read by you has been great. You have such a way with words. It seems like you have been through a lot. And some of the stuff I can relate to. Your words seicst to amaze me. You are a wonderful port. don’t CHANGE.

  2. this totally relates to my ex kyle i had to go on a vacaton and he said he wuld wait then i got back and said i don’t love you anymore i found sumone new i was totally crushed:(

  3. Noel, this poem is related to me in so many ways, and till this day I still cry not knowing why.
    You are right, it hurts to face the truth, and reading your poem right now while remembering my
    once happy memories made me weaker inside.
    you are a good poem writer, and keep up with your good work.

  4. this was a nice poem that i can relate somewhat to right now. life will always go on, but i know the feeling that it wont. keep up your writing, and never be discouraged by negative criticisms…one man's trash is another man's treasure. expression and writing go hand in hand! kudos.

  5. This poem is a very good poem my boyfriend just broke up with
    me a few days ago. And he loved me so much he just changed
    his mind about me. So this poem really touched me! thank you!

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