You'll find it to be true

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I haven’t known you very long
but that’s not the way I feel,
I’ve told you all about me
I have nothing to conceal.
What I say may sound silly now
but you will find it to be true,
I never thought that when we met
I would fall in love with you.
You are my new beginning,
you’re the door to life beyond,
you’re all that I could ever want
or ever need to carry on.
You’re the future I have dreamed of,
you’re a new and brighter day,
with you, there is no looking back,
the past can fade away.
Though I haven’t known you very long
you will find all I’ve said is true,
I never thought that when we met
I would fall in love with you

20 thoughts on “You'll find it to be true”

  1. I was looking for a poem for my boyfriend and i came across this one which really relates to me and the love of my did really good in which others can definitely relate to…

  2. This poem is really nice. Keep up the good work. If this is true then I hope that the love you have found in that person last a lifetime. Never give up on love it will always be around the corner you just have to find it. I pray that you keep your realtion fresh and new and never change who you are for anyone that will change everything.

  3. This poem is beautiful…like the others said
    Many people can relate to this poem…Its very true
    and I’ve met someone also that i feel the same way
    about…Good luck with your relationship and keep
    the poems coming! ;)

  4. wow . . . this is a really good poem. Im gonna share it with this one girl that I really like, I hope that’s ok.
    you see this is mine and her life story haha. I really like her. but when I met her . . . well you get the idea. It should be good!!

  5. hey I’ve really being goin threw some and I really thought that was good keep that up I write poems also n that made me think about my ist love

  6. This is a great poem! I really expresses the feelings that I’ve for my boyfriend. It really touched my heart. thank you so much for this!

  7. I feel like you wrote this poem just for me. That's how much I can relate to it.
    This poem truly touched my heart, and my feelings. EXCELLENT POEM! Don't stop now!!!!

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