Why does it hurt so much

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Why do I care so much?
why do I still try?
why does it hurt so much
when there was never anything there?
why does it make me cry?
why you and not some1 else?
will you ever care?
will you ever be able to dry my tears?
will it always be you?
will you ever get over yourself
and open up your eyes?
I ask myself those questions everyday
but cannot find any answers.
maybe now you might realise what I go through everyday
and how much it hurts!
but you will never change!!

17 thoughts on “Why does it hurt so much”

  1. Many regrets line up waiting for us to forget.
    Life is still abundant in variety of forms.
    When you are getting older you will finally realize what imperfection is and
    just as we couldn't be rich enough on the other hand we couldn't get all what we want
    materially or emotionally.
    Learn to find what you have already had. E.g. It might not be 'love' but a great memory you probably couldn't find elsewhere.
    Cherish it and take it as a reward. Keep gratitude instead of hatred.
    You will not only be healthy but also be happy.
    Because your hatred only hurt you but couldn't help you get what you want.
    And your hatred probably doesn't touch 'him' even a little.
    Do remember it happens that there are INDEED something or someone especially someone's heart you couldn't get even if you traded your heart.
    Life is imperfect. So accept it.

  2. Hi monique, im a 15 yr old girl from new zealand
    who loves poems. I’ve taken a linking to yours and
    I’ve tried to find a way to contact you but
    this seems to be the only way,
    you write like i do, so maybe you and i would be
    great mates, i think you have alot of talent,
    thank you

  3. Hey there, great poem, I ask my self the same questions every day
    and i guess alot of other people out there do too,
    love is hard to find.

    love me :D

  4. I can relate to this poem. There is this man in
    my life that I’ve been dateing forever, and he
    used to make me happy, but now he doesn't.
    I don't understnad how he can be so mean to me
    sometime and only care about himself. This peom
    really says alot about the questions that go through
    my mind. How am I supposed to know if we are
    meant to be or not? I just want to be happy and
    all I get is an asshole b/f :(

  5. I love this poem I’ve these questions in my head when I'm with my man friend I don't know if we are ment to be or just ment to be friends

  6. hey girl! This poem really reminded me of me. Although I left the boi it makes me remember. When we were once together and I try to get over him but often find myself missin him. And missin the couple of times he has made me laugh and smile when I was in his arms. I often wish I never left him and wish I could still have him in my armsbut then I think about the reasons I left him and for a minute it makes me happy I had the courage to leave but then out of no were the same feelin of missin him comes back but the reason I think it comes back is because he is and was my very 1st love andI will alwayz love him no matter wat!

  7. This poem prefectly fits into what I'm going through right now and I just wanted to say thank you for putting it up there!!!

  8. yeah i know exactly how you feel girl that’s exactly how i feel but i still love him so much and i don’t even know why because he hurts me so much!!!

  9. Hey this is a very good poem it reminds me of my ex boyfriend>
    keep up the good work you're an amazing writer! Please don't let
    anyones trash talk get you down there probably just jelious!!

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