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Love is divine Love is a gift
God is Love and God the Giver
To think to take in terms of Love
Is grossly to err
No less misguided
Is the thought a Love to seek
Loves must be together brought
by Love Himself by God
and Love so brought is never in error
To have loved and lost
Is famously known to be a blessing
One far greater than to be alone
Yet for all Love has to offer
Love’s lost lovers often suffer
Not rightly so
Before their Love they were less blessed
Though after losing thwarted feel
Willfully crave they self pity
Rather than go on blissfully in remembrance
Of the greatest gift they’ve known
Eternal love ever after
Abides alive, their heart has shown
Not to be erased, forgotten,
No! It perseveres the tide
E’en ‘gainst treachery it lingers
Proving itself within them lives . . .
Keep the Love to you once given
As a Gift from Heaven above
Cherish it and know forever
That without Its stringent hold upon your heart
You would never Love have known . . .
Or would you accurse the Giver
Seek yourself a love to take
It will fail worse than the Former
But if you beheld the glory still
Of that once glowing Ember
Dream of it as you remember
Else were you without a pain
Also lacking Love’s great flame!

2 thoughts on “lOVE eTERNAL”

  1. I have read many poems on love … actually love could be defined in 100 ways by 100 different people, because everyone’s opinion about love cannot be same but after reading your poem I actually felt love is eternal … As you said … To love and lost is a blessing … but thinking about the love once we were loved by someone and suddenly if we lost … it hurts a lot too …

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