The Faker

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There once was a girl who lived in a world of fake.
She tried to convince everyone she was real
Oh, what she tried to take.

But when people denied that she was “herself”
She threw a fit, like a toddler.
In the respect of bad grammar, oh she had wealth
(But really she should be more worried for her health)

Because you see, when trying to reason with her,
As everyone eventually tried to
She becomes as unintelligible as a rabid bunny, with no fur.

In short, do I hate her? I would smack her?
Yes it’s true.
But I think I’ll just leave that pleasure for you.

One thought on “The Faker”

  1. Some people try a lot to please others, they forget their self image and try to be fake just for sake for other people but while doing this they forget they do have their own life and forget their own character. No matter what one should never forget to live the life they are blessed with, there is more pleasure in being ourselves then faking around this world. I liked the poem as it had a message too. Thanks for sharing.

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